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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tumblr Thursdays

It's June! I can't believe how quickly this year is moving along. Anyway, a new weekly feature of here: My five favorite posts from this week on Tumblr. Check them out after the jump.

On the left is a young Woody Allen via WoodyAllenScenes. Can someone get me a time machine? I'm really bummed that Midnight in Paris won't be showing in Columbus until the 24th of this month. Meanwhile I have to read everyone else's posts about how good it is! I'm excited, though! edit/ I just found out that the movie opens June 10th instead! DOUBLE EXCITED! To the right is his lovely and desirable leopard and lace bodysuit via littlejunkqueen. She notes that she bought it on eBay. I think it would look great paired with a maxi skirt or some high-waisted shorts. 

Tatteredbanners posted this awesome illustration by Sebastian Lindén. Maybe the antler trend is heading out the door, but I still dig it. But wait, there's more! How amazing is this? I loved seeing Daria on my dash, especially since I've been rewatching all of Daria through Netflix. This illustration of Daria and Jane is by Ming Doyle. Check out her work!

And finally, a little nostalgia from Disneyoftheweek.

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