Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beloved Weekly #5

I'm so hugely into asymmetrical jewelry right now and this amazing pair of earrings caught my eye over at Moorea Seal.

Step aside, Gaga. This week I was browsing Tumblr's #fashion tag and came across one of the most amazing blogs: Advanced Style. It focuses more on our elders' fashion. And trust me, so many of these require respect.

Okay, Gaga, I was just kidding. You can stay. I'm not scared to admit that I actually kind of adore Lady Gaga and have spent a couple of nights eating Taco Bell and singing along to Fame Monster in Kelley's car. These simplistic yet loud illustrations by Adrian Valencia are just too adorable for words.

I'm constantly seeing this image all around and for some reason today in the line at the BMV, it just struck me as the funniest thing ever. Gosh, I love cats.

It's no secret that I've been sucked into the trend that is gallexy, space, and science (what's new?). Dang it, Bobby (best screen name ever?) on Flickr used a Hubble Telescope calendar and some Moleskines to put together these great DIY starry notebooks. I love my Moleskines, so I may have to give something like this a whirl.

The tones of this image by Hervé Mitko have me spellbound.

These nails are some serious inspiration, am I right? Spotted on's Looks of Lollapalooza.

And finally, some good ol' fashioned perspective warping by Andrew Tomayko. I'm really in the mood for a California vacation!

And finally, I want to point out that I'm now part of two new affiliates programs! The first is my beloved KarmaLoop. You can use the code MINIPENNY to get 20% off of your first order and 10% off every order after that! Definitely check them out, as they have some really great products. The second is SoleStruck. They have some great footwear and are having a great sale right now. Swing by!

And finally, another big thank you to StyledOn. Today they mentioned my outfitting in their Summer Fridays community round up post! So very excited again. Also, if you voted for my DIY nail manicure, thank you! I was placed in the Honorable Mention category, so while I didn't win anything, I'm still stoked.

Enjoy your weekend!

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