Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beloved Weekly #7

Because of last weekend's Pennsylvania adventure, I neglected to post last Saturday's Beloved Weekly roundup. So here goes this week's favorite finds!

I've grown rather fond of Juan Chavarria Jr's portfolio. It has a great mix of colors, clean lines, and cleverness.

You may know Jason Lee from, well, everywhere. He turned pro skateboarder at 18 and started his own company, Stereo Skateboards, shortly thereafter. He is more commonly recognized by the masses as an actor — and while he's known pretty well for Mallrats, recently he's gained lots of hype over the now-cancelled series, My Name is Earl. I love Jason Lee, even though he's one of those crazy scientologists, and was excited to see this article in the New York Times where he talks about "growing up" his wardrobe, turning to vintage pieces, losing the mustache, and getting healthier. Go Jason!

I love the combination of simple dresses with great accessories. I found this image on Tumblr with no credit, tried Tineyeing it but had no luck. Does anyone know where this is from?

This is making my mouth water! I love avocados on toast. Photo by Azwebear.

How adorable is this Diana CMYK Keychain from Modcloth?

And of course, Lime Crime's Lip Noir series is available! I'm so happy because my Glamour 101 has shipped. I really want to try Chinchilla, too! Just like the Pop Romance line, these are limited edition. Get yours!

What are your favorites for the week?

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