Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Flea

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Oh, what a weekend. I must say that today's adventure was much needed — I swear I haven't been "shopping" in quite some time. I've been so wrapped up with apartment searching, closet-cleaning, and everything else that comes with re-locating that I've neglected "me time" a little bit.

Yesterday we drove about an hour to see the Ohio Renaissance Festival. It has regularly been one of my favorite fall activities but I was so busy over the past couple years that I missed it. The weather was hot — enough so that I broke a sweat. We found many of the items for sale interesting, but ended up only picking up this fox tail (hanging from my bag in the photo above). I spoke with the shop owner for a bit about where the tails came from to have piece of mind and decided to get one. I have been wanting one for a while, but many online sites don't list where the tails are from and it makes me very worrisome. It was a nice day — even if I am totally baffled by how many people seem to confuse anime with the Renaissance. sigh.

Today, on the other hand, we got up "early" and went to the Columbus Fall Flea. Columbus Flea is a great little group that holds a small market in the Short North three times a year (Spring Flea, Summer Flea, and Fall Flea). Geoff and I missed both the Spring and Summer rounds, so we made it a point to get there today. Another bonus is that proceeds from this event benefit the Mid Ohio Food Bank!

Again, the weather was to die for, the lot wasn't terribly packed, and the crowd was nice. It was almost like a tiny version of the Vintage Bazaar I went to in Chicago a few weeks ago. We took our time perusing the booths — and thankfully we got there right around opening time in order to see all the goodies! I ended up with an awesome tote (shown) and a great vintage skirt that I will share in a later outfit post!

Afterwards we headed to our favorite cluster of thrift stores to start our Halloween costumes. The more pieces we put together for it, the more excited I get. We also picked up our wigs.... only a few small finishing touches and we'll be set!

So now we're finally home — tomorrow I have a day off and still have more goodies to photograph for the moving sale, packages to mail, amoung other things. I'm trying to also get my apartment in Chicago lined up (fingers crossed!). It would certainly be a huge weight off my mind to get that out of the way and focus on packing and the shop as my moving date approaches!

Oh, and by the way, this dress is for sale in my Etsy Shop! Don't forget about the 25% off sale when you use the code MOVINGSALE25 at checkout!

Red Gingham Dress, Mini Penny (buy it here)
Black stretch belt, thrifted
Vintage sunnies, Rudy’s Roundup (Chicago)
Mini leather backpack, thrifted
Suede Mary Jane Platforms, UO
Fox tail, Ohio Renaissance Festival
Flea Bag Tote, Columbus Flea

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