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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween... Excellent!

It's finally here! Halloween!

I don't know about you Minis, but I adore this holiday. Sure, candy is nice and I love pumpkins, but there is just something so awesome about making costumes and admiring others' creations, don't you think?

Okay, so I'm now in Chicago. I made it here safe Saturday and have been spending the past couple of days getting my place in order. It's really quite adorable. Before I left Columbus, though, Geoff and I got our costumes all schwing-ified and hit the town. It was.... excellent. And the best part? They were only around $15 each. Here's how.

The first things we made a point to find were pants. We knew this would be tricky because we were looking for a certain wash — not to mention that I'm rather small and Geoff is a 28" waist. We wanted to thrift them, and were lucky enough to find each pair for around $3-$4. Geoff ended up with some women's pants, but it worked out just the same. For this costume, the trick is getting a relaxed fit — not bootcut or flare. The wash should be light-medium.

I took my dressmaking sheers (Geoff used a razor) and started working at the knees. I distressed them until I had two large holes in each knee. The torn denim look is a key factor in the Wayne's World costumes. Trust me!

For my shirt, I picked up a basic black crew neck from H&M for $5. For Geoff, we picked up a basic white crew neck at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $2 and made an iron on transfer of a vintage Aerosmith logo. Appropriate, no? Garth, of course, normally has a blue flannel, and we found one at the thrift store for only a couple of bucks.

Our wigs, on the other hand, were a little trickier. We looked at a Halloween store but didn't find anything that looked correct. But to our surprise, we found some wigs at Jo Ann Fabrics that were the correct colors for $4. We took them home and cut/teased them until they looked legit. We both sported some plain sneakers (Wayne and Garth usually wear chucks, but we went with Vans Lo-Pros since we already had them in our closets).

The last part was the most difficult: the Wayne's World hat. I had seen many online for around $16. I was both unwilling to pay that much and unsatisfied with how the logos didn't match the movie version. Geoff found this plain black cap at the thrift store for $2, so I use Dark T-Shirt Transfers to cut out the letters. Remember, it has to be the dark transfers to work on black because they have a white base!

I printed out the correct logo and used a lightbox to cut out the letters and globe accordingly. Using an iron, I carefully had to apply them and peel the backing paper off. It was tedious but turned out well!

The finished product!

In the end, I think our costumes turned out really well! The whole night I couldn't help but giggle when I looked at Geoff in his Garth get-up, and every time I caught myself in the mirror I thought I was a guy. Creepy!

Hope your Halloween is full of treats (and maybe a few harmless tricks)! I'm still trying to get my new apartment all set up to share with you. It's super cute and I'm excited to finally be here. More info later... Be safe, everyone!

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