MINI PENNY: Bicycle FIlm Festival Chicago

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bicycle FIlm Festival Chicago

Photo courtesy of Heritage Bicycles General Store. Click to enlarge.
I wanna share this awesome little photo with you guys and give a big thanks to Heritage Bicycles General Store. They paired up with Alan Gagne from FourEyePhoto (assisted by Chris Rios) during the Sunday portion of the Bicycle Film Festival in Chicago. Click to enlarge the photo — it's really great!

When Sage and I arrived at the skatepark, these nice fellows pulled me aside and asked to snap a picture of my bicycle in me. How could I say no? I really love how they turned out!

I went ahead and threw this image up on LookBook. My outfit wasn't anything ├╝ber-creative, but it is a change of pace to see what I'm wearing when I'm riding around the city!

A note about this jacket — it's amazing. My mom got it for me for Christmas two years ago for my winter bike riding. It's a super thin shell, but it's really, really warm and weatherproof! I love that it's cut a little lower in the back to prevent the unsightly butt-crack, plus an inside zipper pocket to hold goodies. Thanks, mom!

Tomorrow is Friday (TGIF!) and 11/11/11. I'm sure it will be a Twilight-Zone-esque type of day.

Ripped tights, DIY
Big Buddha Rylee Oxfords, Bakers
Vintage Guess? Shorts, Thrift + DIY
Black belt with gold hardware, Thrift
Alternative Apparel heather grey tank, UO
Mossimo Red flannel, Target
Champion weather-proof shell, Target
Gold triangle necklace, Etsy

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