MINI PENNY: Hair Repair Product Reviews: Ion, Zotos, and Hask

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hair Repair Product Reviews: Ion, Zotos, and Hask

Obviously I have some concerns with my hair's health. I color regularly — well, not as regularly as I used to — with harsh bleach. I also blow dry, straighten, and curl on a daily basis. On top of all this, I live in a cold, windy city that sucks the moisture out of my skin and hair.

Upon moving to Chicago I decided to go on a quest for some really amazing hair restoring products. I had been using the Hask Placenta leave in conditioner after reading The Dainty Squid talk about it a bit. I really enjoyed it. The price is right and the result is very nice. But while it works for me, it doesn't work for everyone — especially considering that it's made of, well, placenta. See the full review after the jump.

First up is the Ion line that I found the other day at Sally's Beauty Supply. I have been really wanting new shampoo and conditioner, and the Smoothed Solutions line seemed like a good fit. I bought the Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo, Ion Keratin Smoothing Conditioner, and the Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment. I also had an in-store coupon for buy two get one free on the Smoothing line (I paid $5.79 each), so I picked up two shampoos and one conditioner. The Effective Care Treatment was originally $8.49 but was on sale for $5.99, plus I had a $5 off coupon).

Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner — Both of these have a really awesome texture and are very moisturizing. I actually prefer the smell of the Ion products over Matrix Biolagé, which is saying a lot for me. Prior to finding this shampoo and conditioner combo, Biolagé was easily my favorite line of hair products. The shampoo lathers nicely. After using these and blow drying, I immediately noticed a difference in the texture of my hair. It was softer and smoother than normal! The shampoo is sulfate free and both products have no sodium chloride added.

Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment — This is the sort of treatment that I've been looking for! It's not a leave in, but is thick and moisturizing. The bottle recommends leaving it in for anywhere between 1-5 minutes. I left it in for about 3-4 minutes and when I rinsed it out, my hair felt smoother than ever. Upon drying my hair, not only was it soft and smooth, but it was shiny. Even the blonde sections! This is a huge deal because I have been pretty bummed about my damaged ends lately. The Repair Solution Treatment has really made a difference! Another bonus is that this product is 100% vegan.

Next up is the Zotos Hair Rescue Extreme Frizz Kit. I learned about this product when we started carrying it at work. I thought that I would give it a whirl. At ten bucks it doesn't break the bank — but at the same time, it's not a miracle product. It claims to "reduce frizz by 50%." While it made my hair a little smoother, I wouldn't say that it made a huge nor lasting difference to my locks. The bottles are all very tiny (25ml each) and the first and second treatment only last about two rounds. The creme left my hair with a less-than-desireable texture.

There are five different kits you can chose from, and while I'm interested in whether or not they work, I probably won't go out on a limb to try them any time soon.

And finally, my "old" standby. While there are people who are uncomfortable with using this product, I've weighed the pros and cons. The results are pretty darn amazing and placenta is normally disposed of — therefore no animals are actually harmed in making this leave in treatment. It is also not tested on animals. After I get out of the shower, I apply it to my hair, leave for a few minutes and then just style as usual. It makes my hair ultra soft and lovely! I pay $5 for mine at Sally's Beauty Supply, but it's also available at various places around the internet.

So for all of the Minis out there who dye and use excessive heat on your hair, what is your favorite product? Are there any hair restoration treatments that you swear by?

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