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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Kind of Town

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Okay, I know. It's been almost two weeks since my last outfit post. Everything with the move and the unpacking was so hectic that I just haven't had the time. Well, tonight it's rainy and blustery in Chicago, I'm off work for the night, so I figured I'd share.

First things first, I love my new job. It's not really "new" — I just got transferred to a new store. The atmosphere is so different. It's refreshing. While I do adore my old coworkers in Columbus, it feels new and exciting again to be around a staff new to me. There are lots of interesting people and lots of things to learn. Chicago seems more like a melting pot of people. Almost everyone is from a different location and has a different reason for being where they are. I love it.

Secondly (I touched base on it in an earlier post), I'm growing quite fond of my new apartment. The space is nice and open, it has wood floors (YAY!), and a great set of blank walls for me to fill.

Thirdly, I'm in love with Chicago all over again. On and off I have been wanting to move here since I came to summer camp at Northwestern University at the ages of 11 and 12. I'm finally here and it's great. I have no car and an unlimited amount of things to see, people to meet, and events to attend. I adore my new home.

As for my outfit, it's all "old news" except for my boots. I picked these up at work today. Aren't they sassy?

Teal lace bodysuit, UO
Lace black bra, Target
Yellow skinny belt, thrifted
BDG High Rise Shorts, UO
Sheer tights, Target
Leopard Print boots, UO Surplus
Round metal sunnies, thrifted
NYX Lipstick in Penelope, NYX Online

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