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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Laughing Matter

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Just kidding, laugh it up.

I came to realize that I don't have many photos on my blog of smiling. I look so... serious. Frankly, I'm not a terribly serious person — I giggle, I'm awkward, and I make bad jokes. So here. This is me smiling and being me.

More reasons for smiles after the jump.

  • I love my new job
  • I love my apartment
  • This amazing deal on ScoutMob to get a free cemita at my favorite Chicago restaurant, Cemitas Puebla! Thanks for the tip, RetroTrash!
  • My mom is coming up and staying with me for a few days around Thanksgiving. We're going to make dinner at my apartment and invite some of my friends over who are unable to go home to their families for the holidays!
  • Geoff is coming up the first of December to celebrate my birthday! In all of this excitement, I almost forgot that I'll be turning the big 25 in just a couple of weeks!
I'm just so happy here. I love Chicago, really. I never thought that a place could make me feel so good. Today it was rainy and what most would consider "miserable" outside. That's okay. I got my little butt on the bus and went to work as usual, listening to Pandora on my phone and toting my little leopard print bag around. Keep it simple and keep it happy.

This weekend I hung out with my friends Matthew, Erica and Sage. It had been a long time since I had been with them all, and it was beyond awesome to catch up. I also made some new friends and connections. Exciting! With all of the fun events (and 40 hours of work that I'm completing) every week, I'm trying to keep you all updated. Getting the outfit photos is a little tougher without my Geoffrey around. In due time...

So, here are a few highlights from my weekend:

I spotted this perfectly a-okay pumpkin next to the dumpster on my way home from work. The poor little guy looks so unsuspecting and happy!

On Thursday I went out to a little hole-in-the-wall called Danny's to meet up with some friends. We danced a bit, but I had to work Saturday morning, so I headed home early. (PS: I love the mirrors in my bathroom!)

Since I've been here I've been on my bike a lot more than I was back in Columbus. I missed my Madeline! It's been cold, but being on the bicycles with friends makes up for the chill!

On Saturday night I met up with my friend Josh to have burritos and horchata at 2 Amigos. This little place is super close to my apartment and is so tasty! For the record, Josh has totally amazing hair.

We also hit up the Bicycle Film Festival on Sunday. It was alright but I wish we had been able to get there on Friday evening instead. They had some veggie burgers and hot apple cider during the tricks contest. The weather was nice and autumn-like, so it was totally bearable to be outside for a few hours. I had my photo snapped by some nice fellows and can't wait to see how the photos turned out! Hopefully I'll be able to share that with all of you later this week.

After the BFF, we went to Revolution Brewing Co to meet up with some of the organizers. I tried this extra delicious cider for kicks and totally love it. It's definitely one of my favorites now!

On top of all of this greatness, I also was tipped off to a hilarious movie on Netflix Instant called Thankskilling. If you're into campy B-horror movies, check it out. It's about a vulgar talking turkey who is trying to kill everyone in a small town in Ohio. Pretty silly and totally cheesy!

So I finally picked up some knit shorts! These are pretty cute and cozy. I still haven't totally unpacked all of my clothing, so I couldn't find my bolo tie nor my bow tie. Bummer! Either way, I'm digging the torn tights lately and still can't get enough of these wedges.

Express sheer blouse, thrifted
Express skinny purple belt, thrifted
Sparkle & Fade Knit shorts, UO Surplus Chicago
Torn tights, Target + DIY
Vintage black cardigan, Chicago Vintage Bazaar
Suede Mary Jane Platforms, UO Columbus
LimeCrime Lipstick in Glamour 101, LimeCrime

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