MINI PENNY: Review // Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review // Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss

Oh, happy Saturday! Today I got the great surprise of the all-new Lime Crime Carousel Lip Gloss in the mail. I was pretty excited to see that LC was coming out with a new product line. I adore their lip sticks, so I knew that the announcement of lip glosses was great news.

First allow me to start out by saying how hard it was for me to choose just one color. They're all beautiful! I went with the Kaleidoscope because 1) I am totally in a purple mood, 2) I already have a lot of red lipsticks and lip glosses, and 3) it's a great autumn/winter color. Candy Apple and the Gold both have caught my eye as well, so it was a tough call. In the end, I'm happy I went with Kaleidoscope.

The lipgloss is great and very opaque. The scent is clean and has hints of vanilla. Best of all, the flake is a bluish-silverish-turquoise. The color combination is wonderful! As far as the texture goes, I'm impressed. For as thick and opaque as the color is, I was worried that it would be sticky. It's really quite smooth. I wore it all night at work tonight and it stayed rather well. I got a lot of compliments from moms, men, and young ladies alike. Do you realize how much fun it is to turn people onto Lime Crime?

Hopefully you can get some Carousel lip gloss when it's released this Monday. I'm looking forward to trying the other colors, too!

Available Monday, November 28th at

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