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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wicker Park

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Hope your weekend has been as great as mine! Yesterday my friend Josh and I went to Cemitas Puebla for our free cemitas (Thanks ScoutMob!) and they were absolutely divine.

I'm super partial to the carne asada cemita, but there's also a vegetarian version and some other meat choices. They are delicious. I don't consider myself much of a foodie (other than the fact that I l-o-v-e food), but this is my favorite restaurant in Chicago. If you haven't been there, go now!

The weather has been really nice and made for some comfortable day-time bike rides. Night, on the other hand, it gets quite a bit colder. I'm normally a huge baby when it comes to biking in the chilly temperatures, but I've been dealing with it alright.

Friday night was a bit brisk, and I biked over to Sage's to model for one of his project, make dinner, and catch up with three of my favorite monsters (aka: giant dogs) ever.

Aren't they the cutest? Say hi to Igor, Mugsy, and Boris!

We made some tasty black bean burgers before heading out to an 11/11/11 party. Did anyone else attend any of these? We skipped out on the 80s-themed one (darn it!) and hit up a chill house party near my apartment.

I got to hang out with some awesome little kitties at this person's place. Oh, and randomly met one of the people who films for that show Hoarders. I'll admit, it's a guilty pleasure of mine and just makes me want to scrub my apartment. Hah!

There was also a kaleidoscope lying around that I used as a fun iPhone lens.

Here's a preview of what Sage has been working on...

As for last night, a group of us met up at the Eskell/BikeFancy party. I managed to ride in full makeup and not look like a mess when I got there. Good for me!

Eskell is a totally adorable little boutique in Wicker Park. It reminds me so much of TIGERTREE back home in Columbus. They had the Pendleton Portland Collection (drool), a great window display, and some tasty brandy apple cider. We stayed here for a bit and decided to go grab some pizza.

Something that's totally different about Chicago are the alcohol restrictions. I've noticed that so many places here are BYOB friendly. We never had that in Columbus! Personally, I like the idea — it seems cheaper and I can bring whatever random beer I want. We ended up at Dante's Pizzeria with Sage, Matt, Cupcake, and Trippz. It was a nice place to chill for a little while before I headed home and went to bed.

Thanks to Josh Gibson for taking my outfit photos on Saturday!
As for yesterday's outfit, it was a tad bit basic. That's okay, though. The weather was so perfect and I was in comfy-mode. It turns out that I have to work a night shift tonight. Before that, though, I'll be at Uprise Skateshop for Sage's art show! I'll be posting more on that in just a moment...

What did you do with your weekend? Crystal Amethyst Necklace, DIY
Gap basic tee, unknown
Forever 21 skinny denim, thrifted
Studded bracelet, Forever 21
Mossimo Leopard satchel, Target
KB Suede Mary Jane Platforms, Urban Outfitters

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