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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boots No. 7 Review

I had been hearing about Boots No. 7 for years and eventually became familiar with it through Target. I can't help but be drawn to their sleek package design and lovely colors. The price is right and they have an exciting line of cosmetics and skin care products, making Boots all the more desirable.

I first purchased Boots a few months ago — a nice bright red lipstick. It has certainly become a favorite of mine, so much so that I decided to pick up a couple of other products and do a short review.

First up is the Colour Calming Primer. I've mentioned time and time again that I have very pink skin. I grew up with really horrible acne and just have a tendency to get random red blotchiness or even an all-over flushed look. I really dislike it. For years I've turned to mineral correcting powders. While they're great, I saw this (while trying to locate my correcting-powder go to nonetheless) and figured I'd give it a shot. It's the same price as the powder I normally buy (just over ten dollars) and kills two birds: primer and corrector.

The top photo is me with no makeup, no extensions, no false lashes. You got it. My face is always significantly a few shades warmer than my neck, hence the desire to neutralize it with a green shade. The bottom photo is my face after applying the Colour Calming primer. There is a significant difference between my face's redness (along with the few spots I dabbed on my neck and chest). Verdict? This product is great. It's texture makes it very easy to apply foundation/concealed over and doesn't make my skin feel oily like some primers.

Next up, this is the product that I purchased a few months ago. This is the Moisture Drench Lipstick in Dare Devil. The website says this is an online item only, but I also bought this in a Target store for ten dollars. I have a tendency to switch between which red lipstick is my favorite, but this has been steadily my standard since it was purchased. It's creamy and soft, goes on very smoothly, and it low maintenance. The color is bright (sometimes too bright for me and I wish it were a tad bit deeper), and lasts me a long while when layered over my ELF primer. My only complaint is that if I don't use primer, it bleeds at the edges. Another recommended lipstick — I would love to give Suger Plum and Bare a try!

And lastly, the eyeliner. My favorite has always been Maybelline Lash Stilleto, but Target was sold out. I came across the Boots Liquid Eye Liner and figured that since it was only two dollars more than my usual, I would give it a whirl. While it works well and doesn't smudge, it has a major downside. I have to do two coats to avoid streakiness. With Maybelline I only needed one swipe and I was out the door. With the Boots liner, I have to wait for the first to dry and then do it again. It's more work than I'd like to do, but the results do end up looking great and lasting pretty well. This is something that I will probably use until I'm out and then go back to my usual liner.

So overall, I dig the Boots No. 7 products. I would really like to try out their concealers and skin care products. Do you have any experience with this brand? Which is your favorite?

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