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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Call Me Maybe

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This week has been wonderful! Lauren flew in from Arizona on Wednesday evening and we has such a good time eating, shopping, and hanging out.

The first night she was here, we hit up The Rocking Horse for tater tots and Cole's for open mic night. Last time she was in town we didn't get the opportunity to go out and experience the night life, so I made sure we hit up my favorite places this time around.

After I was off work on Thursday, we hit up our favorite neighborhood burrito joint for way more food than we could eat. I swear that the ladies over at Dos Amigos must assume that vegetarian burritos and horchata are the only things in my diet.

I will say that one of the more exciting meals had to be at Kuma's Corner. I've been wanting to go here for ages but everyone kept telling me that they had no vegetarian options. Wrong. Turns out they can substitute veggie burgers for anything on the menu (and their veggie burgers are excellent). I ended up with the Iron Maiden — avocado, cherry peppers, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo. It was to die for. I can't wait to go back!

Saturday was our big going-out night, so we got fancy, I curled Lauren's hair (ugh I can't wait until my hair is longer!) and wha-la! Babes!

Friends gathered at my apartment before heading out for the evening...

...and somehow Lauren and Nate ended up dancing in the street to "Call My Maybe" before we even got to our destination.

On her last full day in the city, we got burritos for lunch (naturally) and went to see Titanic in 3D. Speaking of which, I hadn't seen the movie in years and we both were joking about how we kept switching between laughing and crying. At one point I had tears streaming down my face, looked over at her sniffling, and we both just started cracking up. We couldn't believe we were having such an emotional roller coaster over a movie we had each seen multiple times.

Lauren might be heading back in a couple of months — lets keep our fingers crossed!

And through all of this, I managed to pull off some black lipstick.

Reformed blouse, UO Surplus
Supra trousers, Whyred
Studded skinny belt, UO Surplus
Night Walks, Jeffrey Campbell
Triangle necklace, c/o

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