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Friday, April 13, 2012

Twin Tipped

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Well, it looks like by the time I am writing this, it's actually Friday the 13th. So, superstitions aside and I hope all of you have a great weekend planned!

This outfit is actually from a couple of days ago. In between my job and trying to catch up on sleep (and a very handsome personal development in my life), I've been having a good couple of weeks. Spring is flirting with Chicago — even though the past few days have been cold — and I have motivation to get lots of things accomplished.

Now, this Fred Perry polo. It's no secret that I have a borderline love affair with FP. I've been eyeballing the Amy Winehouse collection for ages but never could afford to drop the cash on it. And like I said before, since I moved to Chicago, my finances haven't been as nice as they were when I was living cheaply in Columbus. I'm alone in a one bedroom apartment (which is quite frankly far too big for me) and my rent is more than I should be paying. Alas, the clouds parted and I found a men's Fred Perry slim fit twin tipped polo for $6. Six. Dollars.

So naturally, I couldn't say no. I picked one up for myself and one as a gift for a pal in DC. I shipped his away and immediately went to work on mine. In about fifteen minutes, I had a custom tailored FP polo. I opted to go sleeveless with it, too, because of it being a men's cut and the shoulder break being too broad for my little lady body.

For those of you curious, my tailoring went a bit like this: I turned the shirt inside out, put it on, pinned it at the smallest point of my waist and where it hit in the armpits, took it off and fired up the sewing machine. Super simple and quick and now it fits me like a glove. I'm pretty sure I got more compliments from total strangers on this day than most. It just worked.

But now my desire for Fred Perry has only gotten stronger. Oh dear.

And then then Night Walks came. These are my fifth pair of Jeffrey Campbells and are, I'm assuming, going to be the ones I wear the most. I bought these to replace my Kimchi Blue mary jane platforms. While I love the KBs, I wear them all the time and they're starting to show it. I was able to get these Jeffrey Campbells for about forty dollars and figured I've give them a try. They're surprisingly really easy to walk in!

So, like I said. The past two weeks have been good to me. This weekend in Chicago is going to be great (Um, hello! Soul Night, yes please!) but I think it's supposed to be rather rainy. I get to meet a couple of little wiener dogs on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited! I'm sure that their cute mugs will end up on Instagram, so stay tuned.

And speaking of Instagram — if you're on Android and (yay!) finally get to join our party, feel free to follow me at @chaplinnn and say hello!

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo, custom tailored
Lucca faux leather shorts, UO Surplus
Black tights, H&M
Black suede Night Walks, Jeffrey Campbell

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