MINI PENNY: DIY: Bright Polka Dot Nails

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY: Bright Polka Dot Nails

I'm home sick from work and decided to do my nails — I mean, if I can't go outside and enjoy the sunshine, I may as well bring some fun and bright colors to my finger tips!

The colors I used:

I also used Scotch tape (a technique I learned from The Dainty Squid) and for dotting, picked up this tip using a pin and pencil eraser

First I painted my nails with this lovely off-white color from American Apparel. When the two coats were completely dry, I applied the Scotch tape as so:

It's important to press it firmly so that you don't get nail polish under the edge of the tape. I eyeball my placement. One it's applied, I go ahead and paint my nails with the colors I selected. This time I went with a neon green and coral. I normally choose my ring finger as a statement nail, but of course you can mix it up any way you'd like.

Once the tape has come off, I use the pin-in-eraser tool to create dots over the white space. And wha-la!

Lovely dotted spring nails!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had my best friend Kelley from Ohio come stay with me for the weekend. I'll share photos later. It was a great time!

But for now, I'm self medicating with orange juice and a Mad Men marathon. Isn't Christina Hendricks just a dream? Sassy inspiration, for sure!

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