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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Party

I've been in Chicago for six months now and up until this past Sunday, I had not left the city. I haven't visited a suburb, I haven't visited home, nothing. I've stayed happily in my little Chicago bubble.

The strange part is that I didn't even realize this fact until I was invited by my friend to go to the Warren Dunes in Michigan on Sunday. On our way out of the city, it came to my attention that I had yet to make a road trip of any sort (being carless and all) and became pretty excited about the excursion.

And rightfully so!

It was a devilishly hot day, so I packed my bag with my favorite Pendleton Chief Joseph oversized towel, cameras, and (duh) sunscreen. I popped on my suit and hit the road.

It took roughly an hour to get there — I went from not leaving my city to crossing two state lines in a day. Not bad.

But the weather was wonderful, the water was chilly, and the beach was perfectly un-crowded enough to lounge around and enjoy my day off. We had some food and wine to hold us over for the afternoon.

We ended up watching the sunset before heading back to Illinois. On our way we stopped at a little roadside restaurant called Redamak's. I ordered what could have been the most basic veggie burger I've ever seen — but I suppose I should be thankful that a place in the middle of nowhere actually served vegetarian dishes. Regardless, it hit the spot and we continued on our way back to the Windy City.

I've been to Chicago beaches before, but this has been my first beach trip of the summer. I'm pretty pumped to get out in the sun with my friends over the season and in the fall with my upcoming trip to Florida.

Have you made it out to the beach yet? I picked up a couple of new swimsuits this year, you?

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