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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spooky Sunday

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Well, first things first: I moved.

My anxiety over the past couple weeks has been through the roof — I realized I signed an 11-month lease and not a 12-month lease, my roommate was moving back to Arizona, and that I was a month behind on planning. Engage freak-out mode. I got lucky and found someone to rent me a room temporarily while I put all of my things in a storage unit. The "catch"? It's in Andersonville.

Don't get me wrong, Andersonville is pretty awesome. In fact, I spent the day wandering around and like it quite a bit. But Logan Square is just... home. Or I'm attached to it. Or something. I feel like I'm in a foreign land. It's a new experience to say the least.

So I put all of my things in a storage unit. I have no experience with storage, so this was a little feat on its own. My dad drove up from Ohio — aka lifesaver — to help me move since literally everyone I knew was out of town or busy. We spent twelve hours shlepping my belongings from my apartment, to his truck, and then from to truck to the storage unit and to the rented room. After my dad left, I went to a house party with my pal Angus (which you guys probably haven't heard about in, um, a few months).  I was mega tired and ended up passing out and not being much fun.

Well, for starters, I now live beside a cemetery.

For lunch Angus and I went to a cute little place called Kopi. They had lots of coffee choices and it was pretty difficult to pick what I wanted because everything looked so delicious. I can easily say that I'm going to be going here quite often.

We also stumbled upon the Puppet Bike puppet show, which I have seen once before. I swear that this has to be the cutest thing in existence. I gave the kitty puppet a dollar tip and he blew me kisses. AH!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hitting up little delis, checking out a comic books store, and meandering the markets. It's really quite wonderful. Oh, and better yet? I live across the street from a thrift store. Oh goodness!

So aside from the housing hiccup in the road, things have been awesome. I know that this is just one more obstacle that I can (and will) overcome and be back on my own in a short period of time. Not to mention that I'm flying back out to Philadelphia on October 9th! Fall is officially here, we're creeping up on my favorite holiday (Halloween!) and Chicago is just as grand as always.

Oh and thanks to Angus for snapping a couple photos for me!

Floral bodysuit, UO
BDG High Rise Shorts, UO
Lace kimono, thrift store
Tights, H&M
Leather Litas, Jeffrey Campbell
Gold cuff, H&M

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