MINI PENNY: November 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Silver Screen Style // Elf

Elf is easily one of my favorite recent holiday films. It seems like a lot of Christmas/Halloween films nowadays are bland or cheesy, but Will Ferrell's role as a naive "elf" is beyond amazing.

1. Staring at Stars Convertible Coat, Urban Outfitters ($149)
2. Seven for All Man Kind Second Skin Denim, StyleBop ($210)
3. Philosophy Peppermint Bark Lip Shine, Amazon ($15)
4. Clean Knit Hat, Topshop ($28)

1. Starlite Hologram Crystal Dance Skirt, Dancing in the Streets (£19)
2. Green Slim Waist Belt, Romwe ($20)
3. Peppermint Latte Sweater, Modcloth ($45)

1. Candy Apple Red Onesie, JumpinJammerz ($50)
2. Pure Organic Maple Syrup, Best Made Co ($70)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ulta Haul and Review

Ever since Tish turned me onto Ulta back in Columbus, I swear I can't make it out of that store without spending way more than I budgeted for. It's like Target, I swear. I just want one thing and then end up finding a ton of stuff that I want to give a shot. Thankfully,  my last two trips have resulted in finding some of my new favorite products. Of course, I've just gotta share 'em with my Minis!

Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Mini Planters

Okay, so I was pretty amped about my awesome promotion for multiple reasons. One of those reasons? Having plants at my desk. I know it sounds silly, but there's just no way to care for greens in the basement of a retail store. Now that I have a cool job in a cool office, I figured that I should spruce up (no pun intended) my area and maybe kickstart my green thumb.

I went to Terrain this past weekend to pick up supplies, but obviously you can go to any greenhouse or home decor store — heck, even vintage or thrift stores for interesting containers — to get what you need. Check put the how-to after the jump.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekstagram // November 24

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Thanksgiving week is obviously always filled with great food and a slightly shorter work week. Who could be bummed about that?

  • Super amazing holiday craft day with some coworkers. Can you say Puffy Paint and Hanukkah tees?
  • I enjoyed some s'mores at the Back To School 2013 Preview!
  • Our employee-only Urban Outfitters Sample Sale last weekend was a madhouse. I'm really not into aggressive shopping, but ended up with one bag of amazing stuff for fifty bucks. Score!
  • I'm totally in love with my Teddy Bomber coat.
  • Oh, and this cat ring from Madewell.
  • Some days, you've just gotta look to the cookie.
  • My first fully vegetarian Thanksgiving meal!
  • Continually amazed by my amazing work environment.
  • Last week was also my roommate's birthday. I made him a veggie pizza and drew him a butt. Standard!
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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today I headed to Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, for my first ever Terrain visit. For those of you who are unaware (and no worries, there are only two locations in the US, so it's not super well-known), the URBN brand has a greenhouse/home decor store called Terrain. It's pretty fantastic.

Given the time of year, it was very festive. There are multiple buildings, including a green house, an area for events, and a café. They had some fire pits and an area to pick up holiday trees.

The atmosphere was great and there were so many things to look at. I really couldn't get over how well put together the space was.

Per usual, I was lusting over the hand-written typography on all of the little (and large) chalkboard signage everywhere.

The Mushroom Hut was a great little spot to have events.

And there were perfect bursts of color everywhere.

Not only were there lots of plants, but there were great displays of kitchenwares, books, soaps, candles and beauty products around every corner. It was perfectly cozy and I recommend it to anyone who is in the area! If you don't happen to be in Pennsylvania nor Connecticut, then take a look at their blog and Pinterest for lots of how-tos and inspirations!

The outside area was cozy and ready for winter. It's a shame that I won't be in my own place until after the holidays, because I would love to pick up one of their great small firs!

However, I did end up with some goodies. Organic lemonade, Blue Hill Honey, a Honey Tobacco candle (I'm obsessed with anything tobacco scented... except cigarettes), and some great plants and planters for my desk! This week I'm going to put together a little post about the plants and containers I got for this little project. I'm so excited for 'em!

It was pretty windy and cold, but I held up pretty well with an anorak and some denim. I mean, I am from Chicago after all!

Olive anorak, Urban Outfitters
Striped basic pocket tee, Forever 21
Banjo necklace, Vintage
Belt, URBN Sample Sale
BDG Foil Mid-Rise Denim, URBN Sample Sale
Leather Litas, Jeffrey Campbell
Skull bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Gold cuff, H&M
Cat ring, Madewell


This Thursday was my first Thanksgiving away from my family — yes, last year my mom came up to see me in Chicago, but this time around I headed to New Jersey to spend the holiday with my roommate's family. It was an experience.

The new job has been amazing, but time consuming. I'm having a great time, but it's certainly wiping me out! I'm hoping to share some of my holiday baking recipes here in the next few weeks in preparation for December.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. And in the tradition (sure, a few days late), I want to share how thankful I am for everyone who has supported me and believed in my work over the past year. The blog, the people I've met, and the interactions I've had since starting this project has enhanced so many parts of my life. Thank you!

Striped tank, Velour
White belt, thrifted
Vintage banjo necklace, thrifted
Gold cuff bracelet, H&M
Cat ring, Madewell
Pleated Maxi, Urban Outfitters
Toecap Platform Wedge, Urban Outfitters

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Silver Screen Style // This Is England

For years I've been praising the film This Is England, a film by Shane Meadows about skinheads in 1980s England. Growing up while listening to a lot of punk of hardcore, I found skinhead culture and style to be fascinating. Obviously there are a lot of misconceptions about the lifestyle, which is why I urge people to watch this film and read about the origins without prejudice.

If you like the film, I also recommend checking out the television mini series for BBC, titled This is England '86 and This is England '88. Both are pretty hard-hitting.

1. Cult Acid Wash Jeans, Your Eyes Lie ($36)
2. Bomber Jacket, TopShop ($100)
3. Black skinny braces, American Apparel ($18)
4. 1490 Cherry Red Boots, Doc Martens ($130)

1. Twin Tipped Polo, Fred Perry ($85)
2. Striped Suspender, American Apparel ($18)
3. Acid Wash Shorts, Etsy ($55)

1. Polka Dot White Shirt, Romwe ($32)
2. Laurel Wreath Harrington (Men's), Fred Perry (£195)
3. Powder Blush in Pinky, NYX ($6)
4. Perfect Gingham Shirt, J. Crew ($78)
5. Classic Trucker Jacket, Levis ($58)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Portrait by Creature Type

I've been super busy with work (and it's only Monday!), but I wanted to share this incredible portrait that Creature Type did as part of her I <3 Bloggers series. I'm totally floored by it and am so excited that Michelle did this.

I've mentioned here blog before and how much I love her illustration, but if you somehow missed it, go check her blog out now!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekstagram // November 10

Between my trip to New York and back, it felt like I hardly had time for anything else. Somehow it seems like I squeezed some good food and fluffy animals in there, though.

  • It started snowing in Philly on Wednesday, but then quickly turned to sleet. I'm not ready for this.
  • My roomie making potato and cheese pizza is definitely a plus.
  • The day I borrowed his Star Wars sweater just happened to be the same day that Angry Birds Star Wars was released! Be still my heart!
  • Power pumpkin, vanilla lavender, and green tea sesame donuts from Federal Donuts. Amazing!
  • Meg and me met Cookie Monster in Times Square just before President Obama's speech Tuesday night.
  • This ultra-fluffy puppy belongs to one of Lou's neighbors.
  • Today I worked as a lighting assistant on a shoot with an ex-member of the band KoRn. Remember them? My brother used to be really into them growing up, so I know all of their stuff from listening to it on the car rides to school. Guy was super nice and funny!
  • Sesame Seitan from Su Xing House. Just can't get enough.
  • Lou is such an awesome roomie that I gave him my oranges.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Silver Screen Style // Wayne's World

I used to watch this movie all the time with my brother's growing up, so it's only natural that Wayne and Garth's 90s grunge style snuck its way into my wardrobe as an adult. And Cassandra? Forget about it. Babe!

1. BlankNYC Destructed Jean, Urban Outfitters ($78)
2. Thatcher Revolver Black, Warby Parker ($99)
3. Penfield Haverhill Flannel, Madewell ($80)
4. Basic Neppy Tee, TopShop (£14)
5. Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse ($50)

1. Pointed Flat Collar Necklace, Forever21 ($9)
2. Lace Crop Top, GoJane ($27)
3. Jeffrey Campbell Metallic Litas, SoleStruck ($160)
4. High Waisted Blue Faux Leather Leggings, ChicNova ($23)

1. Cheap Monday Second Skin Denim, KarmaLoop ($75)
2. Crochet Vest, Topshop ($79)
3. BDG Leather Belt, Urban Outfitters ($15)
4. Dietagram Embellished Waistcoat, Firetrap (£27)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New York City and Comedy Central

As many of you know, last Wednesday was my first day of work at the UO home office. It's been pretty amazing so far. Well, on my first day I was informed that they were going to send me to New York for the Comedy Central Indecision party. And I had a big confession to make:

I had never been to New York City.

Everyone at work was baffled by this, and admittedly so was I. After all of the things I've done, I somehow had passed over NYC. Needless to say that I was really excited to get up and tweet/Instagram about the event.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Indecision 2012

Happy election day, [American] Minis! Hope you all got out to the polls today and cast your vote.

Today I'll be heading up to New York City to cover the Comedy Central Indecision 2012 party in Times Square. One, this is my first time going to NYC. Two, Comedy Central! I'm really excited. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, be sure to follow @urbanoutfittes on Twitter and Instagram. I'll be Tweeting and Gramming from my personal accounts a little as well (@jessiebarber on Twitter and @chaplinnn on IG).

I decided on a patriotic red, white and blue theme for the party. Heck, why not? Luckily, I had most of the pieces, but just had to round up a couple of items to complete it. I scored these ridiculously sparkly stilettos (which is strange because I almost always wear wedges) at Forever 21 for eight bucks. Nothing like post-fall formal sales for knock-around shoes!

I think my favorite part has to be the bow tie. I've been flirting with the idea of neck ties and such for a while. I really wanted an American flag bow tie, but this gingham number was a nice compromise.

If you're watching the election coverage, I recommend Comedy Central. I mean, it's Comedy Central. At the very least you'll have a good laugh no matter which nervous side you're on!

See you all on the other side!

Blazer, XXI
Chambray button up, UO
Gingham bowtie, JCPenny
Red Skinny belt, XXI
White Wash Second Skin denim, Cheap Monday
Blue sparkle stilettos, XXI

Monday, November 5, 2012

Timberland Earthkeepers

It's autumn and it has come pretty apparent that there are two huge trends happening right now: ankle boots and oxblood anything. Luckily, I'm a fan of both. I was contacted by Timberland this summer about their Earthkeeper line of shoes, and while I normally wouldn't pay much attention to this label, the Rudston ankle boot caught my eye.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekstagram // Nov 3

My first week in Philly has been a little insane — between a hurricane and starting a new job and Halloween, I've found little time for anything else!

  • Lou has a crazy collection of old Goosebumps books.
  • SEPTA was back up and running the morning after the hurricane. It's definitely not as nice as Chicago's CTA. /sigh/
  • We went to Su Xing House for lunch on Sunday. It was incredible! I got bean curd with black bean sauce and Lou ordered sesame seitan. Both were perfect and I can't wait to go back.
  • I have an obsession with Kit Kats and all of my friends know it. Angus had these green tea Kit Kats sent to my office and I lost it. They're awesome! I want to try every flavor.
  • I was Daria for Halloween. La la la la la.
  • Our home office Halloween Party was pushed back to Friday because of the hurricane. It was really fun and there were some great costumes. You can see someone of them in detail on the @urbanoutfitters Instagram.
  • Saturday morning brunch with Lou at Green Eggs Cafe. I've been on coffee overload this week.
  • A super heavy brunch — vegetarian breakfast pot pie and Reese's Peanut Butter French toast. We shared. I needed a nap afterwards.
  • Lou and I attended a book release party last night. Lookin' fancy!
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Silver Screen Style // The Shining

Growing up, one of my favorite books/movies was The Shining. For whatever reason I started reading Stephen King novels around the fourth grade and never really looked back. I stumbled upon a first edition of The Shining way back then (and still have it) and distinctly remember the smell of those pages. There's nothing like an old book.

Subsequently, I was always into the Stanley Kubrick film. When I was younger, I thought Shelley Duvall was unattractive, but as I've gotten older, I find something very intriguing about her and the styles in this movie.

1. Chill Seeker Dress, ModCloth ($70)
2. Metal Trim Waist Belt in Dusty Pink, Forever 21 ($5)
3. Skeleton Bone Hand Hair Slides, Doll Kills ($13)
4. Marias USA Double Strap Skimmer, UO ($125)
5. Sheer Heart Shaped Over the Knee Socks, Americal Apparel ($15)

1. Moto Denim Check Collared Dress, TopShop (£40)
2. Globe Watch, Urban Outfitters ($28)
3. Renee Boots, Aldo ($110)
4. Unisex Ribbed Henley One Piece, American Apparel ($38)

1. Penfield Chatham Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt, Madewell ($80)
2. Rust Pocket Blazer, River Island (£45)
3. Beige Typewriter, Etsy/Second Hand Stores (Varies)

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