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Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Mini Planters

Okay, so I was pretty amped about my awesome promotion for multiple reasons. One of those reasons? Having plants at my desk. I know it sounds silly, but there's just no way to care for greens in the basement of a retail store. Now that I have a cool job in a cool office, I figured that I should spruce up (no pun intended) my area and maybe kickstart my green thumb.

I went to Terrain this past weekend to pick up supplies, but obviously you can go to any greenhouse or home decor store — heck, even vintage or thrift stores for interesting containers — to get what you need. Check put the how-to after the jump.

  • Moss — I went with Selaginella Gold Tips. My eye was drawn to the color and obviously I'm going for fairly low-maintence plants given that they will be in my office!
  • Air Plant — Again, I went with this for ease. I grabbed one in a more neutral color for contrast.
  • Succulents — Succulents are my favorite. I went with a nice variety of color for obvious reasons.
  • Variety of Planters — I wanted different heights and color. I ended up with a Grey Two-Toned Mug, a Jadeite Tumbler, and a colorful votive. It would be really fun to mix these up with vintage pieces!
Obviously this is super easy, as all you have to do is transfer the plants from one container to the other. I placed a small amount of sand in the base of the Jadeite Tumbler so that the succulents would sit flush with the brim. Perfect!

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