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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Silver Screen Style // This Is England

For years I've been praising the film This Is England, a film by Shane Meadows about skinheads in 1980s England. Growing up while listening to a lot of punk of hardcore, I found skinhead culture and style to be fascinating. Obviously there are a lot of misconceptions about the lifestyle, which is why I urge people to watch this film and read about the origins without prejudice.

If you like the film, I also recommend checking out the television mini series for BBC, titled This is England '86 and This is England '88. Both are pretty hard-hitting.

1. Cult Acid Wash Jeans, Your Eyes Lie ($36)
2. Bomber Jacket, TopShop ($100)
3. Black skinny braces, American Apparel ($18)
4. 1490 Cherry Red Boots, Doc Martens ($130)

1. Twin Tipped Polo, Fred Perry ($85)
2. Striped Suspender, American Apparel ($18)
3. Acid Wash Shorts, Etsy ($55)

1. Polka Dot White Shirt, Romwe ($32)
2. Laurel Wreath Harrington (Men's), Fred Perry (£195)
3. Powder Blush in Pinky, NYX ($6)
4. Perfect Gingham Shirt, J. Crew ($78)
5. Classic Trucker Jacket, Levis ($58)

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