MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // November 10

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekstagram // November 10

Between my trip to New York and back, it felt like I hardly had time for anything else. Somehow it seems like I squeezed some good food and fluffy animals in there, though.

  • It started snowing in Philly on Wednesday, but then quickly turned to sleet. I'm not ready for this.
  • My roomie making potato and cheese pizza is definitely a plus.
  • The day I borrowed his Star Wars sweater just happened to be the same day that Angry Birds Star Wars was released! Be still my heart!
  • Power pumpkin, vanilla lavender, and green tea sesame donuts from Federal Donuts. Amazing!
  • Meg and me met Cookie Monster in Times Square just before President Obama's speech Tuesday night.
  • This ultra-fluffy puppy belongs to one of Lou's neighbors.
  • Today I worked as a lighting assistant on a shoot with an ex-member of the band KoRn. Remember them? My brother used to be really into them growing up, so I know all of their stuff from listening to it on the car rides to school. Guy was super nice and funny!
  • Sesame Seitan from Su Xing House. Just can't get enough.
  • Lou is such an awesome roomie that I gave him my oranges.
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