MINI PENNY: 2012 in Review

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

What a year. I feel like that the person I was a year ago has grown so much to where I am now. To be honest, I've had some rough times over the past five years or so — struggling with jobs and the like — and 2012 had its trials. Money was short and I was living in a big city. It was a big change from Columbus, but obviously a good one.

Cold bike rides, warm socks, the skyline, and a Woody Allen tee.
The year started off a little painful with a drawn-out breakup and cold temperatures. It ended in the best way I could have asked — with a visit from my Columbus best friend Kelley B.

Good friends, food, curls, tunes, and of course... Valentine's cookies.
February was a very quiet month. I spent it gathering my thoughts, visiting museums, and working. A lot.

Coffee with Lauren, surplus jacket love, big braids, and robot friends at the zoo.
I kicked it back up in March with a fun DIY wall tutorial and I met my future bestie (Lauren) when she came to visit Chicago. Months later she would end up being my roommate!

Hancock, patterned denim, shopping, and photobooth love.
April came around with a couple of makeup reviews, and another visit from the lovely Ms. Lauren.

My first meeting with Lou, some doodles, a clean living room, and breakfast.
May was busy with a visit from Kelley and Scott, getting invited to be a Randolph Street Market Style Guru, and of course I was completely flattered to be named one of Chicago's Ten New Blogs You Need to Follow by Refinery 29.

Simple style for a coffee date, beach parties, summer storms, and minimal makeup.
I won't hesitate to admit that one of my favorite things about this past summer was hanging out with Nate and enjoying the city. We went to baseball games, movies in the park, the beach, blogger events, you name it. I have some really great memories of my times with him.

Lots of friends came to visit and there were lots of beach trips!
Lauren moved in this month and we had a blast hanging out together. We hit up the beach and the Art Institute for the best Fourth of July that I've ever had! I went to a boatload of events, my favorite being the Warby Parker Bocce Social in Wicker Park. And the most fun part of July? Kelley B came to visit again!

Just an all-around fun month!
In August I won a trip to the Urban Outfitters Home Office which in turn sprouted my current career.

Renegade Craft Fair, my first Mini Penny event, storage units, and a new iPhone.
September was a bit shaky. After discovering that I was on an eleven month lease and not a twelve, I had to decide where and how I was going to live. I put all of my things in storage and started living on a couch in Andersonville. Woof.

New cat roommates, my goodbye party, a new tattoo, and a new life.
October was an emotional one. I flew back to Philly for another job interview and was made an offer the next day — meaning I took the next couple of weeks to say goodbye to the city I love. It hurt to leave, but I know that the year I spent in Chicago was worth every second! Welcome to my new Philadelphia home.

My first trip to NYC, a cat tie, a cookie, and a pup.
In November I took my first trip to NYC for the election. A definite bonus of living on the East Coast!

Fun holiday photos, another trip to New York, cats, and a Chicago vacation.
December was great — there were lots of trips involved. I'm growing more and more fond of New York City and of course had to head home to Chicago for the holidays.

Thanks to everyone for another great year for Mini Penny. What did you year include? What are you looking forward to in 2013?

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