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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday Adventures

Image courtesy of a weird DQ site. Hah.
I'm one of those people who normally celebrates my birthday all week. But, given the whole I-don't-have-any-friends-in-Philly-yet thing, Lou and I went to the museum and shopping. Duh.

For starters, Lou made me a veggie breakfast.

I mixed a nice berry lipstick out of three shades and went on a mission to have fun... and find a tube of raspberry lipstick (more on that later this week...).

We ended up at the Franklin Institute, where we saw the Titanic exhibit. This is my third go at it — I saw it in Chicago at the age of eleven and in Columbus at twenty-four. I love it, it's really quite fantastic. Lou and I didn't pass up the opportunity to touch a cherub's butt at the Grand Staircase photo op.

I couldn't resist a work pun.

And of course I walked trough a giant heart.

So now I'm twenty-six. Whoa. Let's see what the next year brings!

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