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Monday, December 3, 2012

Good as Gold

December is here. It's official, everyone. Holidays, food, traveling, you name it. I have a busy month ahead of me, and I'm sure many of you do as well. I love that I always get to start out these crazy thirty-one days with one of the best things ever: my birthday.

My birthday was Saturday (the same day as my most favorite person ever — Mr. Woody Allen) and my roommate and I spent it by exploring a science museum and then going shopping. More on that tomorrow, though. For now, I wanted to show what I wore out to run some errands yesterday and what are possibly my new favorite jeans.

If you pay attention to my wardrobe you will probably notice that I don't own any blue denim. I see a lot of people wear it and pull it off in all different washes. On me, however, I always feel dressed down and it's hard for me to make it work. I tried on these BLANKNYC jeans on Saturday out of curiosity and fell in love. Lou gave me the no-go frowny face but I bought them anyway. Heck, I love my friends but a lot of them think I dress kind of crazy.

Anyway, the denim is stiff enough to hold it's shape (finally — I wasn't ready to splurge on blue denim unless it would be perfect) and the pattern has great little screen printed imperfections here and there. There is no print on the back, which I actually prefer.

But errands were light today — I actually only needed to head to the store to return a pair of Creepers that I had purchased last week. I love the idea of Creepers (and always wanted them during my punk/hardcore days in high school/college), but just don't think they work well with my wardrobe. I think it's the shape of my ankles. Or something. Who knows. Either way, my renewed Creeper fetish was short-lived.

And holy shit, can I just say how much I love this bag that I got at the URBN sample sale? I haven't used another bag since. I'm obsessed. It's huge and roomy. I was worried that it was something our company didn't actually go forward with production on, but I'm happy to find it online. Highly recommended! I might actually pick it up in the mint and dark brown also. Swoon.

Come to find out that I will be in NYC next week — Tuesday for a personal trip (you may want to stay tuned to Urban's Twitter if you live in NYC for something awesome...) and Friday for the 4ARTISTS1CAUSE concert at Terminal 5 with Grizzly Bear, Sleigh Bells, Cults, and The Antlers. I'm so extremely excited to see that show. I've been a big Grizzly Bear fan for years and the concert is for a great cause. I was so glad to see that people were into it — all ticket proceeds went to Hurricane Sandy relief and sold out in 20 minutes. Insanity!

So, yes. I have some posts planned for this week, but next week may fall a little silent because of my busy-ness. We'll see. I can't wait to share photos from my NYC holiday trip!

Long Sleeve Linen T-Shirt, Zara
Black gold chain belt, URBN Sample Sale
Damask Skinny Jeans, BLANKNYC
Briefcase Envelope Satchel, URBN Sample Sale
D&O Pointy Toe Pump, Urban Outfitters Surplus
Gold Triangle Necklace, Etsy
Gold cuff Bracelet, H&M
Hinged Ring, H&M
Skull Bracelet, Urban Outfitters

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