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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost in New York

I dunno, everyone. The more time I spend in New York, the more I realize that I'm kind of in love with it. My slow adjustment to Philadelphia was flipped around a bit today when I made the two hour train ride to NYC for some shopping and touristy things. This is only my second time in the Big Apple — last time I was there for work and didn't get to see much.

Step one to having a great day: if your roommate wants to borrow one of your bowties, let him. In fact, encourage it. Here's Lou looking snazzy in a polka dotted BDG bowtie I picked up at the URBN Sample Sale.

One of my main focuses of the trip was to hit up the Fred Perry store. Yep, nailed this one. Immediately upon arrival to NYC, we went to Soho and found it. It was love at first sight, naturally. I spent a decent amount of time browsing and ended up purchasing the one shirt that I really had my heart set on. Absolutely swoon.

Here's me being derpy on the streets of Soho and trying to act cool in front of the FP Store. Did it work? Okay.

Afterwards, we went to the nearest UO (well, we ended up at three total for the day). There are lots of cool things happening in our stores for the holidays and I wanted to see them first hand! Some totally great spaces and staffs in NY!

We stopped by Red Bamboo for vegan popcorn shrimp. This is highly recommended. I would I could have tasted the entire menu!

Post-lunch we went to Brooklyn for the Fred Perry Surplus. It was to die for. I ended up grabbing two pieces from an earlier Amy Winehouse collection (the Amy button up and the checkered polo) and a great basic black sweater for less than what the new Amy leopard polo cost. Whoa. They had some serious deals.

And of course I had to be a tourist. I stopped by 30 Rockafeller center to see if Kelley's cousin Aidy (who is now a cast member on SNL. So proud of her!) could get Seth Meyers' number for me. Just kidding. I just wanted to look cool and pose.

And I once heard that there is a big tree in Rockafeller center, so I thought I'd check it out. It was pretty cool for a big ol' tree, don't you think?

Before leaving, we stopped at the Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal to visit my friend Stan. I posted about him ages ago when we played around Columbus together. It was my first time seeing him since and it was wonderful! The Apple Store set up in the Terminal was actually really fascinating. I had no idea it was there!

So, NYC, thank you for such a great time. I'll be back again on Friday, but until then... stay wonderful.

Deena & Ozzy New Wave Leather Shoes, UO
BDG High Rise Twig Denim, UO
Samantha 113 Cardigan, Wood Wood
Striped Tank Top, Thrift
Leather Biker Coat, Zara
Black Beanie, UO
Belt with Gold Chain, URBN Sample Sale
Fish Necklace, Thrift
BDG Briefcase Envelope Satchel, URBN Sample Sale

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