MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // Dec 2

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekstagram // Dec 2

My birthday snuck up on me. Basically the entire week leading up to Saturday, I completely forgot that it was almost time to turn 26. Here we go...

  • I finally got the patches from Retirement Fund! There was a mailing error between my move and it was a pleasant surprise. They're now hanging on my desk.
  • Work Yuengling. 
  • I picked up the ugliest shoes ever. They're so ugly I love them. I'm not completely sure how to outfit them, so I'm still on the fence on whether keep or return them. We'll see...
  • We had a lovely farmer's market at work this week.
  • My heart melted over this 7-month-old brindle Frenchie at the office. Too cute (and sleepy)!
  • All of my amazing friends at my old Urban Outfitters store in Chicago had flowers sent to my office on Friday. They're gorgeous orchids! I was surprised and so happy. I love my friends and miss home so much.
  • Scuz being surly per usual.
  • Holiday decorations are going up in URBN 543 (that's the building on campus with the cafeteria, gym, coffee shop, koi pond, etc). They're gorgeous, as expected.
  • More smooshie-faced dogs at the office. I met this guy on my way back from picking up lunch.
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