MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // Dec 8

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekstagram // Dec 8

First day of Hanukkah, Christmas is on it's way and you know that Hanson's Snowed In is playing on my Spotify.

  • I have a new desk friend! Boo, of course.
  • PBRs at the work screening of A Love Letter For You.
  • Holiday trees at the office! I'm in love with these!
  • Quinoa-stuffed avocados for lunch.
  • Amazing new boots from Cat. Who knew that they made such lovely footwear? I can't wait to outfit these!
  • Boo helped me by taking my conference calls and replying to emails on my behalf. He's such a sweetie.
  • Holiday photos. More on this later...
  • Rosemary Gingerbread and Peppermint Hot Chocolate Ice Cream at Little Baby's. I really want to try to pizza ice cream!
  • Wine in a Griswold moose mug. Just because.
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