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Monday, March 4, 2013

Obsessed // Best Made Company

I happened upon Best Made Company this weekend when I noticed The Boyfriend's "Be Optimistic" patch on his jacket. Immediately I checked out their Instagram and fell for their aesthetic. When I got home, I checked their online store and, needless to say, wanted to put everything in my cart for purchase. Note to self: Self restraint can be a virtue.

They have a great outdoorsy, simplistic feel. From what I've read, they began making axes and branched out from there. In my searching of salvage spots and antique stores, I'm always intrigued by axes — naturally Best Made had a appeal.

Aside from sharp tools, I can't keep my eyes off of all of their positive messages. The "Everything is Wonderful" tagline found on maps (what I wouldn't do for that silkscreened Chicago version) and totes is particularly lovely (and of course The Boyfriend's Be Optimistic badge was the original conversation starter).

All images courtesy of Best Made Company. Be sure to check out their website for lots of beautiful goodies!

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