MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // April 21

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekstagram // April 21

  • New manicure featuring some fun and colorful symbols.
  • I picked up this print at the Awesome Dudes Printing Garage Sale last weekend. This one is by Eric Kenney.
  • This ice cream truck has been showing up at work. I can't say no to a rainbow cone!
  • I picked up another pair of kicks from ShoeDazzle. I'm sort of super addicted to this site!
  • I got some rad nail charms from HexNails. These came just in time to give a proper 'Fuck you' to the now-ex boyfriend — who I found out was cheating on me in the sleaziest way possible. Here's to being single again and not putting up with someone's creepy. Oh and some adorable nails.
  • Roxy had these funny little baseball prints. There's something morbidly awkward and funny about this one.
  • Record Store Day? I didn't want to wait in lines, so I spent mine listening to some of favorites from my existing collection.
  • Picnic-print pants and big shoes for a sleepy Friday.
  • I picked up this great dresser from Jinxed. Yesterday I finally got the closet together and hung some prints. Hooray!
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