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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beach Glass

D's been bragging about this "secret quarry" forever, I swear. Ever since it's been warming up, I've been having serious Chicago beach (any beach, for that matter) withdraw. Finally, finally, finally, today, I got to see this New Jersey sight for myself.

For being a "secret" spot, there sure were a lot of cars. We parked at the end of this road and headed down a torn up asphalt pass. There was something about this trail that reminded me of where I grew up in Ohio. The trees weren't as tall, but it was nostalgic nonetheless.

And finally we made it to this amazing place. The water was the bluest I've seen in a long while and the sand was white. It was sort of a bummer, as this place was obviously not a secret, that there was so much trash (mainly cheap beer cans and glass, etc), but we found ourselves a spot to hang out for many hours and enjoy the one rain-free day of the week.

If it weren't for the visible trees on the other side of this quarry, it would have been extremely reminiscent of last summer's Michigan trips. Regardless, this place definitely had a charm all of its own.

After a bit, some other people from the office happened to show up. We ended up staying there for maybe four or five hours, and after a hefty sun burn and some beers later, headed back.

Worst part of the day? When we got back to D's car, someone had slashed his tire. Seriously. Who does that?! But, being the multi-talented dork I am, I changed it and we were on our way back to Philly (insert that little buff-arm flexin' emoji here).

But all in all, beach days are some of my favorite days.

All images shot on iPhone 5 and edited with VSCO Cam.
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