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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Preview // Closet

So. I have an entire bedroom as a closet. The thing with a lot of South Philly houses is that a lot don't have very big closets or even closets at all. My house was built in 1912 and has none. But, I solved this by turning my middle bedroom into a giant walk-in.

I bought some metal clothing racks from Ikea, along with wooden hangers. It's really nice to finally be able to space out all of my stuff — I can believe that I had squeezed this into my one Chicago apartment!

I picked up this amazing mid-century dresser from Jinxed. I've been looking for something like this for ages and when they posted it on Instagram, I called 'em immediately.

That awesome Apollo dish from my thrift haul is perfect for jewelry!

I also found these three huge mirror panels as I was cleaning the house upon lease signing. A lot of row homes in Philly, because of how narrow they are, had huge mirrors lining the first floor to create the illusion of space. I'm guessing that's where these came from. They were super heavy, but Lou helped me get 'em hung in the closet.

I lifted this sunglasses storage and display idea from an A Beautiful Mess post I saw years ago. It's a perfect solution!

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