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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home Preview // Living Room

I spend a lot of time in my living room. When I'm working, I love to have Netflix on for background noise, a soft couch, and nice sunlight. The moulding in the first floor of my house is easily my favorite!

I picked up this rug in the sale section of Urban Outfitters. Forewarning, you definitely need to put a mat down, otherwise it slides all over. The antique tool box was purchased at a flea market in Ohio, the couch is from Target, the typewriter desk from Philadelphia Salvage, and the end table is thrifted and repainted.

I've had this fold out desk and set of drawers for about seven years. It's solid wood and I've moved it so many times — woof, heavy! But I really love it. I got it from a thrift store in Ohio and sanded and repainted the whole thing.

This chair belonged to my grandmother. it has a basket-woven seat that needs repaired, so for the time being it has a small blanket and this DIY Abe Lincoln paint by number I did.

Wall goodies and my favorite blanket!

The entry way to my house is just behind my couch. That wall remains white and has some of my favorite vintage wall decor — old CTA punch tickets, flash cards, and a 1970s map of Columbus. I also have a thrifted shelf that is perfect for my keys, a bag and jacket.

And really, what's a coffee table without some cat books?

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