MINI PENNY: My First New Jersey Thrift Haul

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My First New Jersey Thrift Haul

Finally. Finally.

Back in January, Lou and I went on a little thrift day in Philly. It was ultra-disappointing. The thrift stores were really dirty and smelly and gross. I had heard tales of a spot in New Jersey that was good — just across the river.

In swoops Village Thrift.

Now, it's definitely not as great as Ohio thrift stores. I mean, seriously. If you've ever thrifted in Ohio, you know what I mean. But this was the first place in a while where I had seen so much volume and that was so organized. The prices were a bit high for thrift, but I found enough to keep my happy for a first trip.

I ended up scoring some oversized J. Crew basic tees (the main piece of my wardrobe nowadays), an awesome vintage contrast floral tee, a floral maxi skirt, some 90s CK denim (not pictured), a couple of housewares, and this perfect condition white Fred Perry polo. A Fred Perry for seven bucks? I'm in.

And how awesome are these? I'm totally going to use the NASA plate for a catch all on my vanity — too often do I have rings and whatnot floating around aimlessly — and the moose glass for, well, whiskey. Seems appropriate.

This trip has definitely lit a thrifty spark in my once again. I'm thinking that traveling Jersey and the richer Philly suburbs may be the way to go for thrift finds here. And today was totally worth it.

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