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Friday, July 19, 2013

Obsessed // Blue Mason Jars

Ah, I love mason jars in general. But, if there's anything that people know about me, it's that I can't really resist that blueish-green tint. Enter the vintage-style blue mason jars.

I was at target a few weeks back and saw these. I bought them to use as drinking glasses (for which they're fantastic, by the way), but starting Pinteresting all sorts of mason jar inspired uses that could make my home a little brighter.

Well, when I said 'brighter,' I didn't mean it to be so literal. But this is seriously rad. Jillee over at One Good Thing shows us how to make a Mason Jar Luminary. These would be amazing for my back patio!

Lots of people use 'em to hold flowers. I particularly am a fan of large white or orange cuts in these particular jars.

This candle is from Steven Alan, but if you're into making candles, they make great vintage-style containers.

Having trouble finding blue jars? Here's a great DIY Tutorial on How to Make Your Own. You can use these instructions to color any clear glass you wish!

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