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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vaca Prep // Chicago Plans

It's no secret that I'm counting down the days to my Chicago vacation. It feels like just yesterday that I got back from my Memorial Day trip to the Midwest, but this time it's going to be particularly special: my best friend, Kelley, is meeting me there. We're calling it #friendcation.

So, naturally, we have our normal spots to stop into — The Wormhole, Cemitas Puebla, Kuma's Corner, the Urban Outfitters Surplus (I cannot wait to see my old team again!). Aside from that, I'm really excited to get back into the swing of my old lifestyle again:

The Beach
Don't get me wrong, I love the quarry in New Jersey. It's probably one of the best things I've discovered around here. BUT. Chicago beaches have a charm of their own — all sorts of people, people watching, ice cream, volleyball, and all under the gorgeous Chicago skyline.

Party on the Mag Mile (presented by Womensforum/Escalade Network
I haven't been to a blogger event since I left Chicago — they just don't exist in Philly (that's a much deeper issue that I think has to do with the fact that the "Philly Blogger Network" requires members to pay a monthly fee, etc. But that's an entirely separate post). I was so excited to be invited to this party with Womensforum and the Escalade Network — and I have a hot date. BOOM.

Movies in Wicker Park (Presented by Wormhole Coffee)
Coffee, babes, coffee, babes. Just add Jeff Goldblum and dinos and it almost sounds too good to be true. Thursday night, Jurassic Park will be playing in Wicker at dusk. More info.

Randolph Street Market
RSM was always one of my favorite monthly events when I lived in Chicago. I'm so happy that I get to be a part of the July event when I'm back in town. If you're in the area, I highly recommend hitting this up. There's such an awesome variety of goodies and inspiration! More info here.

Windy City Soul Club (at The Empty Bottle)
WCSC is one of my favorite dance nights in Chicago — I always have fun (even though the crowd can be super weird) and have met lots of interesting people here. And every time I've visited home, I've just happened to pick dates that fall on WCSC nights. It's meant to be. More info here.

On top of all this and our normal bars and food spots and coffee and shopping, we want to squeeze in the Museum of Science and Industry and possibly stop by the Wicker Park Fest to see Man Man.

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