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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation Wishlist

I am so pumped for my Chicago vacation next week! Not only am I going to see all my old Windy City friends, but my best friend Kelley is taking the MegaBus up from Columbus. We have so much rad stuff planned. STOKED.

Naturally, I have to do a bit of shopping before going on a trip, right? Of course.

1. DriSuit Endurance 5 Waterproof iPhone Case, $70
I ordered this thing literally two seconds ago. While I am slightly paranoid about it, I wanted some sort of case that I can use exclusively at the beach. Yes, Chicago has a beach. And yes, it's awesome. Plus, I'll be able to use this at the quarry when I return!

2. BDG Woven T-Strip Skimmer, $39
I actually picked these up in white at the URBN Sample Sale and fell in love with them. They're really soft (ie: no blisters) and comfy. Even though I want to get all of the colors, brown is next on my list. I'm really lacking in terms of brown shoes.

3. Baby Croc Travel Flat Iron, $30
My friend (aka a totally hot babe) that I'm staying with made my night the other night when he told me that he owns a hair dryer. You hear that, men of the world? HAIR. DRYER. Keep one at your house and you will immediately make my traveling easier. You get bonus points considering that now I'll have lots of extra space in my bag. Where was I going with this? Oh yes... mini flat iron. I need one.

4. NastyGal HellCat Shades, $20
I have too many sunglasses, but I want some new, fabulous style to rock out with. I'm totally in love with these.

5. American Apparel Endless Summer Hat, $28
The only wide brim hats I have are wool. That doesn't cut it for the beach. I always think I'm going to buy a wide woven hat and fail — but I like this AA version.

Do you have any travel planned? If so, what's on your vacation wishlist?

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