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Monday, August 19, 2013

Home Preview // Back Patio

Okay, so I may be on my way out of this house (sad), but I can't bear to not share one of my favorite parts of this house: the back patio. I've spent so much time out here and given the quick life change decision, opted to not do all of the upgrades I originally decided on. Still, I love this little nook and will miss it immensely.

I actually have a decently sized space out back — enough to relax, cook, a garden, and even a big kiddie pool. I really wanted to paint these cement walls a charcoal, but never got around to it. Instead, I made some DIY flags and hung some string lights.

The kiddie pool has occupied a lot of my time this summer...

When I first took this house over, I gutted this poor garden (see above, yikes). It was overgrown and awful. There were tons of roots, weeds, and even trash from the previous renters. It took me a long time to clean it out. It's my first garden and I opted to plant basil, cilantro, tomatoes, and green beans.

So far, the garden has been awesome — I'm still waiting on the tomatoes to be ready (I don't think I'll get to enjoy them before I leave, but hopefully the next tenants will!), but have made so much guacamole and nachos with that cilantro. There's definitely something awesome about making dinner with ingredients from your own garden! I'm hooked!

I really hope the next tenants enjoy this space as much as I have!

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