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Obsessed // Iced Coffee

Posted on: Friday, August 2, 2013

People think I'm crazy. Not right now, you see, but give it a few months — I do this thing where I drink iced coffee year-round. I just can't with hot beverages. Maybe I am crazy. I had never actually had coffee until I moved to Chicago in 2011. There was just something about that place that lured me into shops and the 4am work mornings that begged for caffeine. Anyway, I'm no connoisseur by any means — I dig diner coffee, snobby coffee, homemade coffee, Dunkin Donuts. Whatever. But here are some of my favorite iced coffee variations for home and elsewhere.

This is a Tim Curry from my favorite coffee shop in Chicago, The Wormhole. It was one of their signature drinks in the spring — Indian Spices, espresso and milk on ice. It's a nice change on the iced Dirty Chais that I ordered almost exclusively. Speaking of which...

Image via A Bit of Sunshine
Okay, so a dirty chai is pretty simple: Iced Chai Latte with a shot of espresso. Heck, if I'm feeling a little sluggish, I'll get two shots. Oh, and then there's the Dirty Chai Ice Cream recipe over at RealSimple. Hold on, I'm getting off topic...

Image via CJWHO
Now this. THIS. Look at this m-effing ice coffee. I cold brew coffee at home every weekend and it's basically the best thing ever. It's so easy and makes my mornings so much easier. Check out this recipe and get to it.

And of course, you can always purchase cold brews. I dig Seaworth and Stumptown. There are plenty of other options — including your local coffee companies — but many that catch my eye are in perfectly-deisnged glass bottles that are dying to be reused for other projects.

How do you drink your coffee?


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