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Friday, August 16, 2013

Obsessed // Motorcycles

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to pick up new wheels. Prior to moving to Philly, I was on the lookout for a moped. And since then, I've been going back and forth on it. Back in March, I went to SXSW — and when I wasn't invited out to dinner with coworkers, I opted to take a motorcycle ride with an old friend around Austin.

And so sparked my interest.

I've been riffling through old family photos in search of something. See, sometime in the 70s, my father rode cross-country on his motorcycle. I remember him talking about it fondly and now that I have my footing a bit with what I'm looking to get, I found out my dad had a 70s Honda CB450. I have yet to find those photos of his trip, but am still on the lookout...

Conveniently, a lot of my friends ride motorcycles. So while I'm aimlessly poking around the internet in search of something I like, a friend in Chicago suggested a Honda CB175. I am, at risk of sounding repetitive, obsessed with finding one of these things. I've been managing to catch a ride on the backs of friends motorcycles for the past few weeks and it's just getting me that much closer to pulling the trigger. My days are filled with apartment, career, and motorcycle shopping. It's a dangerous, slippery slope, and totally different from the moped game. And I dig it. And I'm stoked to finally bring one home.

Do any of you Minis ride? If so, what?

Photos via krugerin50Doctor Chill, and Vincent Franco on Flickr.

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