Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I dig patches. A lot. I remember as a teenager, I used to buy them at Hot Topic (Yeah, woof). But nowadays I like finding vintage ones or going to Etsy for fun and unique styles. Here are a few from my collection.

Greyscale Chicago Flag — I got this on eBay, which is great for finding basic patches on the cheap. I bought two of these knowing that I'd probably want to put them on multiple jackets. I have yet to decide. I've also seen olive versions of these in Chicago area army surplus stores. I have another version of this that is a confederate flag that I made my ex rip off his vest — not because I wanted it, because it's offensive. It's buried somewhere in my stuff and I should probably just burn it.

Logan Elm Varsity Letter — This is actually my tennis varsity letter from high school. I never opted to do the whole letterman jacket thing, so I've held onto this ever since. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. All I know is that I can't let it go.

All-Seeing Eye — This is one of my newest patches. I picked it up on Etsy. It's definitely going on my leather jacket.

Bug — I have no idea what this bug is from or if it means anything, hence why I'm hesitant to put it on something. Anyone know? I picked it from a vintage pile a few months back.

The Misfits — The only remaining patch my high school days. It's a cheaply-made specimen from Hot Topic, but I can't get rid of it. I mean, come on.

American Flag — And ex gave me this one. Still undecided on what to do with it. It'll probably go on my camo surplus jacket.

Cincinnati Reds — Another vintage patch I picked from a pile. The threading is a loose, but I don't mind. My parents used to take me and my brothers to Reds games, so I had to have it.

Moon — Yeah, I can't unsee the unicorn in it. But I'm going to sew it upside down on my leather jacket in hopes that if it's turned, I won't see it. From Etsy.

This yin yang patch was picked from a vintage pile, but you can find replicas all over the place. It's living on my cloud wash denim jacket.

And finally, my favorite of all. This handmade Tobias F√ľnke patch was made by LeighLaLovesYou on Etsy. Her shop is currently on vacation, but she has some amazing work. Keep an eye on it and scoop up a piece if you get a chance! I get tons of compliments on this one.

Do you collect anything?

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