MINI PENNY: Silver Screen Style // Billy Madison

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Silver Screen Style // Billy Madison

Billy Madison is easily one of my favorite movies. And in terms of school-related flicks, it sits at the top. I'm not sure how many times I've exclaimed "I am the smartest man alive!" when accomplishing something (anything, really). But yes. This. Cherish it, stay here for as long as you can.

1. TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Oliver Pant // 2. Timberland Fleece Boot // 3. Supreme Baseball Jersey // 4. Snack Packs

1. Madewell Slub V-Neck Tee // 2. Cheap Monday Narrow Jean // 3. BCBG Suspender Waist Belt

All you need to mimic Steve Buscemi's amazing character is an old man polo and a saucy shade of red lipstick.

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