MINI PENNY: Riot Fest Day 3

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Riot Fest Day 3

So Riot Fest Chicago had a pretty sweet line up this year. Thing is, the bands were pretty nostalgic, but most I had seen during my high school/college years. With this being the case, I didn't want to spend the money and time at Riot Fest to re-see some of these acts — because at the end of the day, I'm not a festival type of person. At all. SXSW is rad, but beyond that, I don't give a damn about scurrying from stage to stage while getting bumped into by drunk teens (face it, they're there. And it's no bueno).

Anyway, one of my favorite bands is Saves the Day. I've seen them many, many times and they were really the only ones I wanted to get to. I ended up getting a VIP hook up through Dr. Martens for the Sunday show and — despite the horrible, rainy weather — went down to see a few acts.

My rain attire? Cut-off booty shorts with tights, socks, and 1460s, plus a Fred Perry with a weather proof shell and army green anorak.

So, okay. Saves the Day. They were pretty great, and played some of their new stuff (they have a new album coming out tomorrow, unbeknownst to me) — the view was good, but the weather was just garbage. All of the other times I've seen them has been indoors. Otherwise, they put on a good show. I stuck around for their entire set, then watched a few songs by Suicidal Tendencies, and most of the Brand New set, then bounced. I am pretty bummed that I missed Maps & Atlases, but they're local to Chicago and hopefully I can catch 'em sometime soon and in a better space.

So I'll leave you with this Riot Selfie. Brock, of course, looking more posi than anyone in the whole dang park (seriously, Brock, you're a crazy person) and me looking rained on and wet. 'Twas a good time — hopefully next year they can get Descendents back on the bill and I'd totally return!

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