MINI PENNY: Me and the Moon

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Me and the Moon

I found a home for some of these patches: my [faux] leather jacket. I also have had a tendency to buy a lot of polka dot items lately. One of these days I'm gonna end up accidentally dressed entirely in dots. Someone stop me.

I bought these shoes at Target a while ago, but they only had 6.5s left. I bought them anyway and they tore my feet up real quick on the first wear. I ended up selling them to Buffalo Exchange in Philly. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I walked into a thrift store and there were sittin' on the shelf. In. My. Size. I couldn't leave them, because duh, they're beautiful.

Faux leather jacket, Thrifted (similar)
White babydoll blouse, URBN Sample Sale (similar)
Textured polka dot leggings, Forever 21
Mossimo teal oxfords, thrifted (similar)
Black leather tote, An Honest Tote
Jewelry, DIY + H&M

Photos by Todd Quarles

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