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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review // Julep Maven Box + Promo Code

I've been on a subscription box kick. Years ago, I was on Birchbox. I fell out of love with them and have been aching to try some new ones. I came across a huge list of beauty boxes and decided to try my luck with some of the nail subscriptions. The first one I have received is the Julep Maven It Girl Box.

This is a really small monthly box. Each month, you get:
● Three new nail colors
● A "sweet little surprise"

I received the It Girl box — after taking their little online quiz, I was directed towards this one in particular. I looked at the other boxes as well, just to be sure. There's an option to get all nail polishes or get mix and match with beauty. Naturally, I'm drawn to teals and purples, so this was a good fit after all. I'm not sure what the "sweet treat" is, though. I got a small reusable bag — and it's honestly no big enough to really do anything with (pack my lunch maybe?). Hmph.

Elle — Metallic plum purple. Similar to Julep Padma.
Libby — Deep teal. Similar to Essie Go Overboard.
Bunny — White with subtle gold flake. Recreate with Essie + OPI

I tried out the colors on a faux white nail. These are the polishes with one coat — you can see how streaky the purple is, the gold flake doesn't seem to show up on the nail with the white, and the teal is absolutely beautiful.

At $14 a pop, these nail polishes don't leave a great first impression. I feel as though I've always read good things about Julep. I do however adore the story behind Julep and how they encourage women to be bad as hell. The Maven box is $19.99 per month, so it's really quite a good deal in comparison to buying polishes at retail price.

Each month, you are given a window to choose which box you'd like to try — or even skip the month all together. There are also select products that you can add on for five bucks.

I've opted to keep Maven for another month — The December Boho Glam box has a great blue in it and I opted for the $4.99 glitter gold add on. Interested in giving it a shot? Click here and use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free!

Minis, have you tried their polishes? What were your thoughts?

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