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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You've Got Nail 13 // Ursula Nail Kit

Last week I reviewed the Disney Villains ELF nail polish set and was concerned that I had maybe missed my chance to feet my hands on any of the Disney Villains nail art kits at a reasonable, non-ebay markup price. Luckily, while Todd and I were downtown, I wandered into a Walgreens that was a little off the beaten path in hopes of getting lucky. My instincts were right — they had three of the four styles and I quickly decided on the Ursula kit.

These are pretty great for only ten bucks. You get a clear topcoat (not photoed here), silver nail tape, some rhinestones, sticker designs, a brush and six types of glitter. All are lovely, but beware — the bags of glitter aren't sealed. They're merely folded over and attached to the cardboard, so when you remove them, be careful!

First I started with solid nails —

ELF Disney Villains Nail Polish in Mint Cream (similar)
ELF Disney Villains Nail Polish in Sea Escape (similar)

Then I added my details: On the pinky I added two different nail stickers from the kit. On my index, I created a fade using the large royal blue glitter flake. The middle finger has a row of the rhinestones, one row of the sticker decals and one line of silver tape. The pointer finger is my favorite with an ombre of glitter — starting with the royal blue, then teal, then silver. And finally, the thumb taped off into sections using the silver nail tape, then filled in with the large flake teal glitter and the silver glitter on the other.

I'm totally into these brights! Have you tried any of the Disney Villains nail art kits yet? Did you like them? Link me to your nail art in the comments!

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