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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Favorite iPad Apps

I recently (finally) bought an iPad and it has increased my productivity so much. Aside from the standard calendar, social, and photo apps, I've also found quite a few others that are totally rad. Check them out after the jump.

Since I don't actively use my iPad to post content on Instagram, I actually end up using Padagram far more often. It allows me to view my feed in a grid form and track hashtags. You can like and comment on photos from this app and even save the image to your camera roll — avoiding the screenshot!

Paper is a great sketchbook app with a lot of different tools available for purchase in-app. I love using it to jot or sketch ideas down — and more important, hash out my nail art ideas. You can create your own custom Moleskines! Would make great gifts!  Visit their website.

I spoke of Feedly back when Google Reader was going extinct. Since the changeover, Feedly has been my go-to reader. Bonus? The iPad and iPhone app are both beautiful and easy to use.

Crackle is a really easy way to watch TV shows and movies. The app is free — which is rad if you don't mind a few commercial interruptions (remember how Hulu was when they first started? It's kind of like that). And any app that allows me to watch Seinfeld from the comfort of my heated blanket in bed automatically rules. Yada yada yada.

This one's probably a no-brainer, but I actually have ended up browsing Pinterest more often than ever on my iPad. On my laptop, I normally only pin content. But now, with the iPad app, I'm discovering more content and getting inspired!

Rue La LaFree
I'm sure most of you are familiar with Rue La La's great shopping site. Carefully curated collections, good deals, and a great interface. You get all of those with the iPad app, too, I love their variety — not to mention the anticipation of upcoming collections!

I actually use Mailbox in conjunction with the regular Apple Mail app that comes standard on the device. Apple Mail is my go-to reader and responder, but Mailbox is a great way to task things to myself. I can give myself a 'due date' so I know what emails need to be responded to by when. And, hey, it helps keep my inbox super clean.

What are some of your favorites?

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