MINI PENNY: New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

2013 has been great, but today has been a total piece of work. I might need some Minis' advice for the first part...

The biggest thing is that today I reported my neighbor for animal neglect/abuse. Since I moved into this place, I noticed that they leave their young dog out for a long time. S/he stands at the door and barks. S/he barks at people walking by. Kids and teens actually tease him/her into a frenzy. S/he doesn't appear to have any food or water or shelter. I kept track today. S/he was outside for eight hours. The temperature ranged from 3°-18°F. I just... don't feel like it's right. It's going to get colder outside and I have a few fears: this dog is going to die, or this dog is going to get taken away from this place and go to a pound and never get adopted and be put down. I mean, maybe if there's a trail of neglect s/he will at least have a chance to get with a family (the dog is way cute), but still. Have any of you ever had to deal with this before? Is there a happy ending? I'm hoping that maybe this neighbor gets a warning and thinks twice before putting their dog out in the cold while they're away at work. Who knows. Ugh, my heart.

The second, way less important (but personally disrespectful) thing is that I found out a brand I've been into for the past couple months was using one of my photos on a Facebook advertisement. These things, ya know. They happen a lot, but it's a bummer to be really behind a brand and then they pull some sh*t like that. Guh, my trust.

But. 2013 has had some downs — and way more ups! I am pretty happy with what I went through this year and am excited to see what 2014 holds. For now, I'm trying to find plans to celebrate tonight (my soul night plans fell through! Oops!). Everyone have a safe and happy new years. I'll see you all tomorrow! ♥

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