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Friday, December 13, 2013

Obsessed // Winter Plants

A change in seasons means a change in plants. The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice pretty blooms and greenery, though. Check out some of my favorite winter plants after the jump.

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I love that the term 'evergreen' is used metaphorically for things that are self-renewing. This is a pretty classic plant for winter and is always green. It's great for the holidays — use it in wreaths and holiday trees!

Ornamental Kale
A few weeks ago, I picked up an ornamental kale bouquet from the market. It's absolutely beautiful, has great color, and is totally different from the other plants in my house. As a bouquet, it lasts a while and in a cool-temperature garden it grows easily with low maintenance.

This is a cute little bulb plant that blooms and survives even in the snow. If the elements are too harsh, however, the seeds will lie dormant until conditions are better.

Holly is a staple around Christmastime in the states and brings a great pop of color to arrangements and various decor.

Witch Hazel
A totally bazaar-looking plant with all types of medicinal uses.

Pink flowers, how could I resist? I love that these are sometimes called pig squeak because of the sound the leaves make when rubbed together.

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