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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You've Got Nail 15 // Cult Cosmetics Blackbox

Edit 2/17 // Please read my story about how Cult continues to steal from bloggers and nail artists. 
Edit 12/31 // While I've been pretty stoked on Cult, I am disappointed to find out that they've been stealing my images for their paid advertising on Facebook. Ugh. Canceling my membership ASAP. Such a bummer. 

Subscription boxes galore! Since Cult Cosmetics offers 50% off their first box, I decided to give them a try.

Each month, for $19.99 plus shipping, you get three polishes, a professional tool, and a little how-to card for nail art ideas. Overall, not a bad price for what comes in it, especially considering these Cult nail polishes are $12 each.

Here's what came in my box:
● Shatter by OPI in Blue Shatter
● CULT Nail polish in Runyon — Neutral army green [similar]
● CULT Nail polish in Rose Bowl — Dusty mauve. [similar]
● CULT Nail polish in Mulholland — a deep, chocolately brown. [similar]
● Color Club Nail Art Laquer in Black [similar]

As for the colors themselves, the CULT polishes all had really great coverage. I was impressed! On top of that, their dry time was quicker than what I would have expected. The green is actually a perfect replacement for an Urban Outfitters nail polish I bought years ago and have been desperately holding onto. The mauve is similar to the mauve I loved so much in the Disney Villains Nail Polish Kit. And the brown is nothing like anything else I own! I'm pretty excited about it.

As for the nail art brush, it's a great consistency and the brush is gray for lining and striping. This was another much needed polish after I ditched my old striper polish!

I'd say the biggest disappointment was receiving the Shatter polish. I've never been huge fan of the crackle effects, so this one (although works as intended) just doesn't do it for me. It'll most likely be passed onto my friends.

The pros:
● Great coverage and colors!
● I love the packaging — nail polish bottles that are uniform/rectangular shapes and are easier to store are right up my ally. The black box that this was delivered in is also rad.
● CULT's "Five Free" mentality. This means no Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor, or Formaldehyde Resin.
● CULT also does not test on animals! YAY!

The cons:
● I wish the shipping price was included in the box price. $24.99 is still a great deal after shipping, but I would honestly rather them just advertise it as a flat price of $25 rather than $19.99 + shipping.
● Perhaps I've become spoiled with other boxes, but I like the idea of choosing add ons or previewing your box for the upcoming month.
It doesn't appear that there are any reward points or the like for renewing subscriptions or referring friends. Edit // They just added a referral program! Hooray!
Edit 12/31 // While I've been pretty stoked on Cult, I am disappointed to find out that they've been stealing my images for their paid advertising on Facebook. Ugh. Canceling my membership ASAP. Such a bummer. 

I'm going to continue CULT for another month and see what the next box looks like. Have you guys tried this box yet? Remember, you can get 50% off your first box!

What I used on the Manicure:
● CULT polish in Runyon [similar]
● CULT polish in Mulholland [similar]
● Press on full coverage silver nails (found on eBay)
Silver striping tape

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