MINI PENNY: Flashback Friday // 90s Edition

Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday // 90s Edition

There's nothing quite like looking back on old photos from the 90s. I was... a nerd. And it sort of shows — plus is pretty funny.

I'm not entirely sure what amusement part this is. But what says 90s more than my brother in a standard grey Old Navy tee and me in an *NSYNC shirt. Who's that other girl? I don't remember. A friend of the family, I think. I'm obviously trying to contain my total rage from going on a water ride.

What up, same *NSYNC shirt? And wouldn't you know it, my brother is wearing another Old Navy tee. Apparently that was a thing. And I'm sorry but we look exactly the same. Same squint, same awkward teen posture. No wonder people always thought we were twins.

And in the 90s, It was easy for me to go through a phase where I looked almost identical to Taylor Hanson, wardrobe and all. What you can't tell from this glamorous birthday photo is that I'm wearing boy's oversized cargo pants. I started wearing them after being inspired by Scary Spice.

And in 1999, I did the thing that would ruin my reputation at school — I cut off my hair into an uber-short pixie cut. Like, not even pixie. Just super, super, super short. I got teased for this for so long, kids would call me a lesbian and yell stuff at me in the hallways. Whatever, fuck it. I liked it — along with this skirt and 3/4 sleeve metallic top. Duh.

So this is mid-90s — I was a a pre-teen. BUT STILL. Can I just consider this my first outfit post? I look like I fell out of American Apparel. Hipsters, eat your hearts out!

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